Services can benefit ALL ages.

NOTE: Karina is not licensed medical or mental health professional. No service is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consultations / Products are intended to enhance the mentality of your personal healing path. These services go hand-in-hand with traditional medicine and do not replace any medical needs.


Personal Health Readings
Injury Insights and Healings
Behavioral / Thought Modification
Kore Reconnection
Spiritual Reality Coaching
Soul Mending and
Trauma Release
Relationship Insights
Wholistic Living Coaching
Symbolism Recognition in the Every Day Living

Types of situations Intuitive Karina can assist

Infertility through Pregnancy
(belief work, trauma, vitality, spiritual connection)

Infants through Adolescents
(wellness, mile stones, individuality understanding, empowerment, stress management, preparing for adulthood, understanding family dynamics with respect, identity crisis)

Adults through Elderly
(wellness, stress management, business relations, goals/ fears, retirement, life purpose, midlife crisis, end of life spiritual comfort )

(behavior, health, life-style adjustments, domestic or wild)

Families/ Family matters
(all types, relationships, understanding, communication, traumas)


Clearing the Home, Work Space, Personal Space
Healing focus toward Trauma Repair, Birth Traumas, Loss, Finding Purpose
Strengthening Self Love, Worthiness, Spiritual Organization
Fears and Phobia Release

Time to Begin

Karina has trained to use her skills of Intuition to assist those wanting to move on from their fear and energetic recycling patterns of living. If not know? When?

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